To all Europeans. To all who are Bold & Brave. To all the Innovators.

Volt was started by a group of passionate people who want to change the status quo for the better. We have no big endorsements, no famous names, and no gigantic donations. We are not politicians and we are not running to secure a good pension. We are young and daring Europeans who have seen our continent decaying and who will not wait until it is too late to take up responsibility. We are not supposed to be in politics; we were not expected, but we are right here. Join us.

We stand for a strong and integrated Europe, because we know that – despite its flaws – the EU has massively and positively affected our lives already and can continue to do so! We will oppose anyone who wants to take these achievements away from us. There are not only the fundamental and often mentioned benefits (such as 70 years of peace, many periods of economic prosperity, and a steady spread of human and civil rights), but also daily and unmissable advantages, such as lower prices of goods coming from within the EU, the birth of low-costs airlines, and the clampdown on roaming costs. Don’t get us wrong: We know that the EU in its current form is not really working, and that it is stuck in anachronistic national clashes and its inability to act. That is why we pledge to reform and advance the EU, with all our energy. Join us.

We stand for the basic values that ensure human decency, and that in our advanced societies should not even need to be debated anymore. The right to marry whomever you love, the right to find a safe harbor when war is raging around you and your family, the right to find a job, the right to receive the same wage regardless of who you are, and the right to partake in society independent of your age or physical and mental abilities. We are not saying what we are supposed to say, we are standing for those unalienable human rights that reactionary politicians are not willing to uphold anymore. We will not compromise on these fundamental values, and we will achieve these results. Join us.

We are the newcomers, the innovators, the pioneers. Volt will truly digitalize the government, cut inefficiencies, achieve full transparency and completely clampdown on corruption, because this is our way of thinking, of living, and of being. None of us can understand why we use paper-based application to interact with our public administration officials, or why it is so hard to track public spending when technology could solve all of these problems in the span of an administration. Political will for real change seems to be scarce – we have tons of it! Join us.

If you are for a strong and integrated European Union, if you believe in human rights and social equality, and if you are for innovation within our administration and our economies, join us.

We are currently building the first pan-European, progressive political movement. We need team members, experts, supporters, and followers: from wherever you are, whichever experience you gathered, and with the little time you have, you can contribute and build Volt with us. We mainly work online, and we gather anywhere where enough Volters are available – if you want to test yourself and fight for your beliefs and values, this is the moment. If you just like the idea, support us on our social media, share our posts, spread the word.