• Innovation: We believe that in a continuously evolving society we should try new solutions - innovation is in itself a value that we should strive for, at all times.
  • Efficiency: As an internal administrative value, we believe that waste in any form needs to be reduced. A state needs to honour the resources entrusted to it and needs to honour the time and resources of the citizens at all times.
  • Listening: Whenever we interact with each other and with citizens, first we listen. Then we make an effort to understand them by putting ourselves in their shoes.
  • Looking for an evidence-based solution: Whenever entering a policy debate, we look for a solution that works based on evidence and facts We subscribe to a constructive approach of policy-making meaning that we will support specific policy proposals we believe work towards our vision of society. Whether in government or opposition we will take into consideration other parties' proposals. We will never oppose others for the sake of opposing them or to gain political points.
  • Respect: We firmly believe in our vision, values, and ideas. However, we also believe that the best outcomes come from true and respectful confrontation of ideas. You will never hear us insult or attack for no reason other political parties.
  • No attachment to position and power: We are in politics to tackle the challenges our societies are facing, to provide solutions to citizens, to build a future where everyone can enjoy the highest standards possible. We do not do politics to seek positions or individual power. This is not about anyone of us. This is about all of us. This is why we believe in strictly limited terms and that no one should hold more than one position of political power.
  • Building leadership capacity: We believe that true change comes only when people work together to achieve it. This is why we believe in developing leadership capacity at all levels: from top formal Volt leadership roles to the volunteers and the citizens they reach out to. By constantly training and periodically rotating leaders, Volt ensures that it doesn't depend on any single individual but finds its strengths in its collective capacity for action. Equally, by investing in the community organizing model, Volt believes that citizens themselves should build their own capacity to tackle the challenges they're facing and engage with Government as active and powerful counterparts.