Starting from Italy

For decades Italy has suffered under politicians with a clientelist, elitist and anti-reformist attitude. As a result, the State has become incapable of fulfilling its role and the quality of life for every Italian has continuously deteriorated. Many citizens have Over the last 20 years, our country has fallen back compared to almost all the other European countries. Our GDP per capita is worse today than it was in 2001 (at constant prices), our unemployment rate has doubled over the last ten years, and two in five young adults are unemployed. The rift between the North and the South has deepened: the average income in Valle d’Aosta is now at EUR 21,800 vs. an average income of EUR 12,300 in the Campania region. And there are many other factors which hold back our country, including a judiciary system blocked by millions of pending cases, the systemic spread of corruption and of organized crime, a high degree of tax evasion, and comparatively low rates of female employment.


Instead of supporting the social, economic, and personal development of its citizens, our state seems to impede it. For too long, Italians had to pay outrages taxes to compensate for the inefficiencies and the waste of its public sector. For too long, Italians had tolerated that For far too long, Italians have given up hope, have defied a better future for our beautiful country and have come to accept its slow decline.

We, for a change, will not accept it. Italy can and needs to change.



Volt intends to be a force of change. We intend to create a progressive, pro-European movement which focuses on delivering real reforms.

The main function of the State should be to serve its country, to support and stimulate the best possible use of its human, economic, and cultural capital. Italy has an enormous potential, and we want to help unfold it. We want Italy to once again become an inspiration for countries around the world, and help Italians regain trust in the future of their nation.

Our movement is founded on three fundamental values: Innovation, Efficiency, and Equal Opportunities.

With Innovation, we express our ambition to constantly improve the public sector and the socio-economic rules of our country.

With Efficiency, we express the need to make the best use of our human, natural, and economic resources, in order to fight waste and to value the capital which is given to us.

With Equal Opportunity, we express our conviction that every citizen should face the same conditions when it comes to personal development and success, independent of age, gender, region, race, sex, sexual orientation, and religion.

Innovation, Efficiency and Equal Opportunity must no longer be empty words, whispered in desperation, but should become the battle scream of every citizen that wants to use this last, great opportunity to change our country.

We want to gather the ideas of every citizen who refuses to support an excessive fiscal pressure, every citizen who refuses to give We want to be the voice of everyone who loves this country and who is tired of giving in to a system that destroys the basis for every new project, every new dream, and every new idea.

Who are we

A team of young dreamers. We are professionals, experts, students, but above all a group of common people extraordinarily passionate about our country. We are a movement, aiming at delivering real reforms through the contribution of the ones who truly care about the future of Italy: you.

Why are we doing this

On December 4, we were deeply frustrated. Not for the outcome of the constitutional referendum, but because once more the current political class has proposed an inadequate solution, failed in delivering deeply needed changes. The compromise did not work out, the problem persists, and no leader has yet outlined a new path forward.

Therefore, we decided to give body to a long overdue idea, involving excellent, enthusiast people.

We are doing this because we believe there is a great opportunity in Italy and in Europe, given the difficulties faced by traditional parties and the inability of the current political class to find real solutions to our country’s problems. We are doing this because we believe that we have a duty to solve problems larger than us. We are doing this because we do not want and we cannot postpone: being young shall not be a limitation, but an opportunity.

Your role – ideas crowdfunding

In the next few weeks, we will publish several proposals to reform our country. Share, criticizes, tell us your ideas and what struck you the most. This is all “work in progress”, and we would love to include your best proposals. Remember that no team can match the wealth of experiences and ideas of the people that live, study and work in this country.

Let us know if you wish to be involved in this mission to save Italy. It is a great opportunity, we shall not waste it.