1.1 What is Volt all about?

Volt is a pan-European, progressive movement aiming to revolutionize the way politics is done and to strive for a united, fair, and open European Union that provides opportunities for everyone.

1.2 How was Volt created and by whom?

Volt has been started by Andrea Venzon, the currently elected President. The inspiration to start this project came after Brexit and the gloomy trends of 2016. On March 29, 2017, when article 50 was triggered, Volt was just a Facebook page and 5 people willing to challenge the status quo. Without funds, big names, or political endorsements, Volt has now grown into a movement of thousands of supporters in every European country. This initiative was started because reactionary, populist tendencies are threatening the values our members believe in, and because traditional political factions failed to provide attractive and pragmatic answers to the challenges of our time.

1.3 What is Volt planning now?

Volt is a transnational European movement aiming at setting up political parties in different European countries to run for elections at European, national, and local level under the same values, political guidelines, and objectives. When the movement was founded, the first political target has been set for the European elections of 2019. Volt aims to run for elections in at least 7 European countries. Why 7? Because if the movement manages to elect 25 MEPs from 7 European countries, it will be able to create the first independent political group in the European Parliament - something that no one has ever achieved in the history of this continent! After the European elections, Volt will start campaigning also for national and local elections, all-over the continent and beyond!

1.4 Is Volt only present in EU member states?

No. As a pan-European movement, we want to have a presence and run for election in every European country.

1.5 What does the name “Volt” stand for?

Volt comes from the international unit of measure of electric potential. We chose this name because we aim to bring new energies to Europe, and because it fully represents our fast and efficient team. In addition, the use of an international word allows us to keep the same name across Europe.


2.1 What do you want to achieve?

A united Europe that values its citizens and residents, who are able to fulfill their unique potential and continuously strive to achieve together the highest standards of human, social, environmental, and technical development.

2.2 Do you have a vision on how Europe should work?

Our communities are our home. Our regions are our home. Our countries are our home. And Europe is our home. We want problems to be solved on the lowest level possible and at the highest necessary. Currently, Europe is not empowered to solve the problem it is facing, and citizens are paying the consequences.

2.3 Where do you see yourself on the political spectrum?

We are clearly for a democratic system that follows the rule of law. We abstain from positioning ourselves as left or right. We want to find good solutions for all the problems that we see around us, and we draft policies based on research and testing.

2.4 What are your political values?

Volt firmly adheres to the founding values of the European Union - human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, and human rights - and the advancement of a society in which inclusion, tolerance, justice, solidarity and non-discrimination prevail.

We believe that there is still a lot to improve in our societies and we should strive for nothing less than the the highest standards of living for all residents - that is why we founded Volt. The main shared values that inspire our progressive vision of Europe are:

  • Human Dignity. We believe in the unalterable dignity of the human being. This respect and appreciation for each and every human being guides our policy making at its heart.
  • Equality of Opportunities. We believe in the right of everyone to be able to unfold their own unique potential, no matter what their life circumstances are. To achieve our vision of Europe we want to tap into the potential of every citizen and we cannot afford to allow that economic conditions, discrimination, or prejudice hold back some while favoring others.
  • Freedom. We believe in all the freedoms that have been achieved in European societies so far and that are entrenched in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. However, some civil rights still vary from member state to member state. We are committed to making sure that all citizens enjoy the same level of freedom - whether it is about civil rights or starting a business - no matter in which part of our Union they live.
  • Justice: We believe that justice is not only about equal treatment before the law, but also about a just and fair society, where social mobility is real, safety nets do not leave anyone behind, economic inequality is reduced, and the environment is protected for the common good of all.
  • Sustainability: Our focus is progress to a better future, which is why we believe that sustainability is key. Our economies should be both environmentally and fiscally sustainable, so that future generations can enjoy a healthy and livable environment and are not over-burdened by debt.

2.5 Why should I vote for you?

Because we are as sceptical of politics as you are. Because some of us are experts, while all of us are curious, passionate and optimistic. Because we are offering a unified voice to all those who want to help build the future of Europe.

2.6 Are you allied to/backed by any major political party?



3.1 Where do you get your funding from?

So far, all our funds come from private donations of the members or they family & friends. We successfully run several crowdfunding campaigns, and we aim to continue this way. In addition, we are contacting foundations to support us in specific project (e.g., our Fellowship).